Monday , 20 March 2023

How To Spot A Liar Through Body Language

Did it happen to you once that you were pretty sure that your friend was lying to you but you couldn’t prove it by relying only on the words spoken by them, especially if they keep denying that they were lying? If you can’t prove that your friend is a liar through the story they told, you can prove it through the gestures they did while talking. Body language in fact reveals A LOT! Here’s how you can spot someone’s lies from their gestures.


1. The eyes

A liar usually avoids eye contact. In fact, they move the eyes in different directions because this helps them concentrate and be able to finish a lie story.

2. The arms

A liar makes sure to keep their arms still, or even cross them as they fear to provide clues to their lies to the listener by using unnatural gestures.

3. The hands

Playing with the fingers and cracking the knuckles are signs of discomfort and stress that lying generates. Over using the hands to express oneself spots the light on lies, as well.

4. The legs

Crossing and uncrossing the legs repeatedly or moving them up and down in a fast way can’t be signs of telling the truth. These show that the person is struggling to finish their lie story because they know that there is no way to I-Take-My-Words-Back option.

5. The laugh

Have you ever noticed that the person you’re talking to laughs hysterically and tries to raise his voice while laughing? Then you must have been talking to a liar! A liar tends to laugh in a loud voice trying to convince the listener that they are sincere when they are not. Actually, they are trying to fight the inner fear of detecting their lies by others and being caught lying. Be careful then! Smiles and laughs can be fake and can hide big fat liars!


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