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13 Things Guys Hate About Girls

When things go wrong in a relationship, girls tend to blame boys for it and claim that it’s all their mistake. This cannot be always true. Actually, there are certain kinds of girls’ behavior which get on boys’ nerves, and which can bring tension and dullness to a relationship. Just look at yourselves in the mirror, girls, and think. What does a guy hate about you? If you get to know the answer to this question, you may absolutely save your relationship and make it better.

1. Acting too jealous

It’s known that a bit of jealousy is healthy for your relationship, but not too much of it! No guy finds it funny if you spy on him all the time, check his phone and messages, or pay attention to where he looks. This is actually stifling for any guy. If he chose you, this means that you’re the winner and you don’t need to feel insecure.

2. Being shop-o-holic

Having shopping as your hobby and your favorite subject to talk about is not funny for a guy as you think. Always asking your guy to go shopping with you and spending a lot of his money on make-up and clothes isn’t a good move if you want to lead a happy relationship with him. No guy likes to hang around with a superficial, material and irresponsible girl.

3. Embarrassing him in front of his friends

Don’t act too funny when you’re around with his friends and don’t tell jokes about him. Guys will feel humiliated if you poke fun at them especially in front of their friends. Instead, try to praise him and say positive things about him in public. He will really appreciate this and love you even more.

4. Being too clingy

it’s good to show your partner how much he means to you and how much it feels great to have him beside you. But being stuck to him all the time is stifling! Every guy needs to spend some time by himself, so being too clingy will annoy him as it deprives him from his special moments of relaxation. Guys after all need to be single from time to time.

5. Taking forever to make a decision

It’s annoying for a guy to see that you always take forever to pick even the simplest things! If for example he wants to buy you a shirt and he asks you: ” do you like the green or the blue one?” and you just keep staring at the two colors forever..

6. Taking forever to get ready to go somewhere

No one likes to wait. Most guys understand that it takes longer for a girl to get ready than it does for a guy. A girl has to take her time to get dressed, wear make-up, and decide which shoes and handbag best suit their clothes. But it’s just unacceptable to make your guy wait every time you’re going somewhere!

7. Talking about feelings

No guy likes over-sensitive girls! That’s a rule. If you’re the kind of girl who’s always talking about how much you love him and ask him over and over whether he loves you the same, then you should know that your guy finds you really boring. Come on! If he chose to date you then this means that he loves you. So no need to make ” love” the only subject you can talk about.

8. Calling everything cute

If you do so, he finds you the most boring girl EVER (no offense). Guys HATE to hear this: “OMG that dog is soooo cute!”, “those girl’s boots…CUTE”, “this is just the cutest….”. Girls! There are other adjectives you can use to describe things!

9. Pulling the “I’m a girl” card

It’s so annoying for a guy when you try to make him do something like: “these books are heavy. Can you carry them?” If the guy says no you will say: “I’m a girl OK!” Nothing is worse for a guy than a childish girl.

10. Taking a joke too seriously

Guys kid a lot with girls. They like to poke their buttons and joke around with them because they know they are going to get a reaction. The problem is when girls take them too seriously and get mad on guys for just trying to have fun. If you’re one of these girls, try instead to be cool and not make your guy walk on eggs because this is really frustrating for him.

 11. Having crazy mood swings

Maybe this is partially due to hormones, but it’s really annoying for guys. They hate it when a girl goes from “it’s such a great day!” (smiling) to “the next person who talks to me I’m going to kill them!” (shouting) to “I hate the world, everyone hates me” (crying). Guys don’t know how to respond to these mood swings most of the time and tend to stay away from you, girls, till everything goes back to normal.

12. Always gossiping

Spending hours on the phone talking to your girlfriends about everyone’s business, or not to know when to stop talking when you’re with your partner is really frustrating for guys. But this seems to be in their veins. Sometimes girls need to keep that mouth going! Bla bla bla..

13. Acting like a drama queen

A message to all girls: guys don’t have drama! So don’t be over-dramatic and whine about everything: “she said this..he did that..” waving that finger like it’s a weapon. Just stop all the drama because you’re probably making the situation a bigger deal than it has to be.

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