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13 Things Guys (Supposedly) Hate About Girls! But We’re Still Rocking It!

Hey, lovely ladies! Ever wondered what makes guys do that weird eyebrow twitch? We’ve got the inside scoop! But always remember, while it’s fun to know, you’re always the main event!

1. Acting too jealous

Acting too jealous

Jealousy might be the green-eyed monster, but darling, green is not your color unless it’s eyeshadow! If he’s with you, you’re the Beyoncé of his world. There is no need for backup dancer drama.

Trust in your fabulous self and let the insecurities go. Besides, confidence is way more attractive than constantly peeking over his shoulder.

2. Being shop-o-holic

Being shop-o-holic

Shopping is our cardio (essential for heart health, right?), but dragging him to every 50% off sale might not be his jam. Maybe let him chill with his video games or fantasy football while you score those deals.

Balance is key, and so is that cute handbag on aisle 5. Plus, shopping solo means no one’s rushing you out of the shoe section!

3. Embarrassing him in front of his friends

Embarrassing him in front of his friends

We get it, he wore socks with sandals once. But maybe save those cringe stories for girls’ nights out? Let him have his cool dude image, at least in front of his squad.

After all, you wouldn’t want him spilling your secret love for cheesy boy bands, right?

4. Being too clingy

Being too clingy

We all love a good cuddle, but remember, he might need a moment to, you know, breathe. And hey, that gives you time to catch up on the latest TikTok trends or binge-watch your favorite series. Independence is spicy! Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say.

5. Taking forever to decide

Taking forever to decide

“Green or blue? Blue or green?” Fashion dilemmas are real. But if you’re spending 30 minutes deciding on a soda flavor, maybe it’s time to eeny, meeny, miny, moe that decision.

Or, better yet, surprise yourself and let him choose!

6. Taking forever to get ready

Taking forever to get ready

We know, achieving that perfect winged eyeliner is an art. But perhaps start a tad earlier, so he’s not growing a beard waiting? Or better yet, give him a skincare routine to occupy his time.

Win-win! And if he complains, remind him that beauty, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day.

7. Talking about feelings

Talking about feelings

Communication is gold. But if every convo is a deep dive into the abyss of your souls, maybe sprinkle in some light-hearted banter? Save some of that emotional depth for your diary or your 200th date.

And hey, sometimes talking about that hilarious cat video can be just as bonding.

8. Calling everything cute

Yes, that dog is cute. And so are those boots. But the world is filled with adjectives! “Stunning,” “breathtaking”, “dazzling”. Mix it up a bit.

Expand that vocabulary, queen! Challenge yourself to describe things without using the C-word for a day.

9. Pulling the “I’m a girl” card

Pulling the “I’m a girl” card

We’re fierce, independent women! But if he offers to carry those heavy bags, well, chivalry isn’t dead, right? Just remember, you’re strong and capable, but a little help never hurt.

And if all else fails, remind him that you’re saving your strength for more important things, like opening that impossible jar of pickles.

10. Taking a joke too seriously

Taking a joke too seriously

He might tease, but it’s all in good fun. No need to plot his doom for every jest. Laugh it off, throw a joke back, and keep the vibes light and playful. And if you’re feeling extra cheeky, challenge him to a joke-off and see who gets the last laugh.

11. Having crazy mood swings

Having crazy mood swings

Put it down to the hormones, the moon, or that mysteriously disappearing chocolate bar. But maybe give him a heads-up?

A simple “Mood swing alert! Proceed with chocolate and compliments” should do. And if he’s brave enough, he might just join you on the emotional rollercoaster.

12. Always gossiping

Always gossiping

Spilling tea is a pastime, but maybe not every detail of everyone’s life? Some secrets are sacred (or at least whispered super quietly).

Plus, mystery is alluring, so keep him guessing. And remember, the juiciest stories are best shared over a cozy cup of cocoa with your BFFs.

13. Acting like a drama queen

Acting like a drama queen

We all have our diva moments, and that’s okay! But maybe save the Oscar-worthy performances for actual drama and not when he forgets to like your latest Insta post. Keep it real, and keep it fabulous.

After all, real life is dramatic enough without adding extra layers!

There you have it, ladies! A cheeky guide to the quirks that might make our guys twitch. But always remember, you’re a rockstar, quirks and all. Keep shining, keep laughing, and most importantly, keep being you! ??????


Why do guys think I’m too jealous?

Because sometimes our inner green-eyed monster pops out when we least expect it. But remember, green is best left for eyeshadows and salads!

Is shopping really a problem in relationships?

Only if you drag him to every shoe sale. Let him have his video game time while you conquer the mall. Balance, darling!

I shared an embarrassing story about him. Bad move?

Well, unless it’s about his secret love for boy bands, maybe save those tales for girls’ night out.

Am I too clingy if I text him 50 times a day?

Quality over quantity! Give him a moment to miss you. Plus, it’s hard to reply when he’s trying to beat a video game boss.

Why can’t I decide between the blue or green dress?

Fashion dilemmas are real! But if it takes longer than a TV show episode to decide, maybe flip a coin.

Is 3 hours too long to get ready for a date?

Depends. Are you preparing for a red carpet event or a coffee date? Either way, maybe set an alarm to keep track.

I love talking about feelings. Is that bad?

Not at all! But if every conversation feels like a therapy session, sprinkle in some light-hearted chats about pizza or penguins.

Is calling everything “cute” really boring?

Variety is the spice of life! Mix up your adjectives. That dog can be “adorable” and those boots “sensational”

I asked him to carry my bags. Is that wrong?

Not if you’ve been on a shopping marathon! But maybe don’t play the “I’m a girl” card every time.

He joked about my favorite movie. Should I be mad?

Take it in stride! Throw a playful jest back. Remember, it’s all in good fun.

Are mood swings really that confusing for guys?

Sometimes. But hey, they can be confusing for us too! Just give him a heads-up when the emotional rollercoaster is about to start.

Is gossiping a deal-breaker?

Not always. But maybe don’t spill every secret. A little mystery keeps things interesting!

I love drama. Is that bad?

Drama is great… for movies and TV shows. In real life? Maybe tone it down a notch. Keep the drama for your Netflix binge sessions.


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