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How To Get Your Kid To Love Veggies

A re you tired of seeing your kid eat unhealthy food? Do you find it a hard task to convince them to eat veggies? Don’t worry anymore. You can easily instill a long-lasting love of veggies in your kid. Here are smart tricks you don’t want to miss.

 1. Show love for veggies

It’s known that kids imitate their parents. You can set a great example for your kid if you eat vegetables daily and show your kid that you really enjoy what you eat. This will encourage your kid to imitate you and eat exactly the same veggies that you do.

 2. Incorporate veggies in meals

If you find it hard to convince your kid to eat veggies, just incorporate them in every meal you prepare. Make a vegetable pizza for example. Even a frozen one can do, with onion, artichoke, mushrooms and olives on the top. You can also make a pasta dish with carrots and tomatoes as well.

 3. Find enjoyable ways to eat veggies

Play a race game with your child. Tell him or her that the one who finishes their veggies the first will win the lollipop or the chocolate bar you’ve bought. This will encourage your kid even more to finish all his or her dish. You can also give funny names to veggies to make your kid love them. Every kid is obsessed with cartoons. So you can give veggies funny names from your kid’s favorite cartoon movie.

4. Go shopping with your kid

Go to the supermarket with your kid and let him or her pick up the veggies he or she likes. This will be a fun activity for your kid so never miss that!

 5. Let your kid help you in kitchen

Some parents refuse to involve their kids in cooking because of the mess kids make. Actually, this won’t matter if you know how much asking for a kid’s help in kitchen is very important. Apart from boosting their self-esteem and making them feel that they are grown-ups now, letting kids cook their own veggies will make them love eating them afterwards as kids enjoy to eat what they make with their own hands. So never mind the mess your child might make in the kitchen because he or she will surprise you by offering help in cleaning too!

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