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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day 2013. If you still hesitate which gift to buy for your father, this is the right place to find one. You’ll find ideas that you’ll love here. There are special gifts that you can delight dad with and show how precious he is to you, and more importantly, how much you know him well.

1. A Carrying Case

If your father works at the office or at school, or he is just the kind of man that always needs to carry books and papers with him, a carrying case is the most suitable gift for your dad. Help your father arrange all his staff in a nice new bag and you’ll see that he’ll appreciate the gift, especially if he has the habit of forgetting his important files at home.

Carrying Case

2. A Grill

Is your father an outdoor lover? Then cooking on the grill must be one of his favorite activities. Make your dad’s day and surprise him with a neat grill. You’ll see how active your dad will be preparing lunch in the yard for the whole family and enjoying his time as well. Nothing is better than a meat grill on a beautiful day!

Here is my favorite one:

3. A Car Video

If your father drives a lot or he is fond of car electronics then a car video is one of the best gifts for him on Father’s Day. Help your dad stay connected and cool on the road thanks to many features he can find in the car video like Bluetooth and iPhone control. Don’t hesitate to buy one and make him happy on his special day.

4. A Watch

Is your father still wearing the same old watch your mother bought him once? It’s time to exchange it with a new fashionable one on his special day, Father’s Day. Show your dad how much he means to you and offer him a chic watch suitable for the occasion. Your dad won’t miss his important appointments from now on!


5. A Lawn Mower

If your father is a master of the lawn and is enthusiast about improving his yard appearance, then a lawn mower is a perfect gift for him on Father’s Day, especially if he likes to spend a lot of time outdoors on a shiny day. Nothing is better for fathers than exchanging their old tools with new sophisticated ones. This will help them save a lot of time and energy. So bring a smile to your dad’s face and get him a brand new lawn mower!


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