Monday , 20 March 2023

How To Reuse Your Old Socks

If you didn’t plan what to do this weekend yet, then raid your sock drawer (or look under your bed or behind the dryer) and grab some old socks. Have you ever thought what to do with all those old socks that you don’t wear anymore, especially if they are odd socks that are missing mates? Here is a list of ideas to put old socks to new use.

1. Dust and Polish Furniture

Who needs expensive Swiffers when your drawer is full of dust rags! Put your hand inside a cotton sock, spray a bit of furniture polish on it (or be cheap like me and simply use water) and dust away.

2. Umbrella keeper

Is it going to rain tomorrow and you’re worried to keep a wet umbrella in your clean car? Don’t worry! Just fold your wet umbrella and slip it into a large sock. Once you get home, remember to take the umbrella out to dry. Simple, easy and more efficient than the nylon bags!

3. Ice Pack

Just fill a long enough sock with ice and put it on your boo boo. Isn’t this cheap people!

4. Ladder Socks

Are you worried that your top ladder legs might damage surfaces? Just put socks over the legs on the top, and not those the ladder is sitting on (otherwise it will be hazardous). This way, you will be able to protect your wall from scratching.

5. Dog Sweater

Having a really tiny dog can help you save money. Instead of buying expensive dog sweaters, just make them out of socks!

6. For Tall Boots

Do you want to keep your boots from flopping over? My mom suggested this one. Stuff tall socks with newspaper and keep in your boots. Newspaper can absorb moisture. You can add pieces of charcoal in the toe of the sock to absorb odors.

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