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5 Tips To Avoid Depression

Depression is a serious illness that interferes in our daily life and our normal functioning, and causes a headache to both the person with the disorder and people around him or her.

As you know, “prevention is better than cure”. In other words, you have to learn how to avoid depression before learning how to fight it. Here are 5 tips to teach you how to successfully avoid depression.

1. Never be alone

Being surrounded with family and friends is an important healthy way of living. Humans are social beings. You won’t be able to survive if you don’t feel that you belong to a certain community. Being surrounded with people amazingly gives you strength. Even if you’re far away from family and friends, you can still get strength from strangers! Go shopping for example. Even talking for few minutes to the shopkeeper is helpful. This will send this information to your brain: “hello! You are not alone!”

2. Take part in events

Routines of life can be stressful; therefore, depressive. So why don’t you bring change to your daily life? You can do this by taking part in festivals, organizing or going to parties, or even following the crowd in a strike! Again, belonging to a crowd is very helpful to boost your self-esteem and to regain the self-confidence that you might have started to lose.

3. Stop exposing yourself to stresses that occur over and over

Why do you keep working for a boss who gets on your nerves every day? Why do you keep living with a roommate who doesn’t respect your privacy or your need for peaceful hours of sleep? Why do you feel obliged to stick to a job which is not rewarding and which serves people’s needs more than yours? Why are you trying to cope with all these stresses when you can just leave behind your back all this or any other stress that is reinforced every day! Try instead to surround yourself with stress-free little things. Be your own boss and live your life the way you like it and not the way people design it for you.

4. Don’t make TV your best friend

Almost everybody watch TV. But few people are conscious that watching TV can increase the risk of depression. A study showed that women who watched three hours or more of television a day were 13 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who hardly ever turned in. Depression caused by watching TV can be attributed to watching the depressive news of war, murder, etc. So, why don’t you read a good book instead! Reading a romantic love story is way better than watching the news of a famous football player who killed his beloved girl-friend on Valentine’s Day.

 5. Stick to regular habits

If some habits make you feel good, make sure to devote time for them among your busy schedule. Do your regular morning exercise for example, spend an hour enjoying your good night’s bubble bath, or stick to a steady relationship. These aren’t just good for you, but they help avoid depression as well.

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