Monday , 20 March 2023

Easy Healing Yoga Exercise

Child’s Pose: Yoga back relaxing exercise

Balasana, the child’s pose or the child’s resting pose is a restful yoga pose that stretches your lower back and arms and relaxes your entire body. If you are a newcomer to yoga exercises, this yoga pose is a great beginning for you. If you are already enrolled in yoga class, balasana is very important to learn as it gives a chance to rest and relax during the class. The child’s pose is also designed as a workout to do in bed. You can try this pose to calm your body and mind before sleep. So, if you need a healing pose that gently stretches your spine, relieves your back and neck pain, and be psychologically soothing for you, watch this video and practise!

Note: Don’t do the child’s pose just after eating or if you have diarrhea or are pregnant.

The Video

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