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Downward Dog Yoga Pose

A re you the kind of person who spends hours and hours working in the office? Is sitting all day worsening your physical condition and making you suffer from fatigue, back pain and stiffness? Don’t worry anymore! There is an amazing yoga pose just for you: the Downward Dog Pose. Add this pose to your regular fitness routine and you’ll …

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Yoga Cat Cow Exercise

The Cat Pose to Cow Pose, often abbreviated as the Cat-Cow Pose, is a wonderful pose to start off any yoga practice, an excellent way to stretch the spine and a great exercise for back pain. To have good results, focus on movement with breath to help you relax. Remember that the graceful cat and the calm cow are paired …

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Easy Healing Yoga Exercise

Child’s Pose: Yoga back relaxing exercise Balasana, the child’s pose or the child’s resting pose is a restful yoga pose that stretches your lower back and arms and relaxes your entire body. If you are a newcomer to yoga exercises, this yoga pose is a great beginning for you. If you are already enrolled in yoga class, balasana is very …

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How To Have Good-Looking, Healthy Hair

healthy hair

Psychologists claim that 80% of feeling good is looking good. That’s why women nowadays tend to spend a lot of time in salons and a lot of money on expensive products to take care of their hair and have better looks. But what if you can save your time and money and get the same good-looking and healthy hair? Sounds …

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5 Tips To Avoid Depression

Depression is a serious illness that interferes in our daily life and our normal functioning, and causes a headache to both the person with the disorder and people around him or her. As you know, “prevention is better than cure”. In other words, you have to learn how to avoid depression before learning how to fight it. Here are 5 …

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3 Facials You Can Make At Home

Nowadays, the spa seems to make life easier for people to take care of their skin with those Spa Gift Baskets. But if you are a busy person and you find it impossible to schedule a day at the spa, just grab some household ingredients and get ready to prepare a perfect facial, whatever skin type you have. 1. Baking …

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