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How To Remove Tough Stains From Clothing

Oil? Chocolate? Ink? Blood? No matter the offender, you can remove it before it sticks for good. Stop throwing your money out the window along with your stained clothes! Here’s how you can save your money and learn how to tackle the toughest common stains.

Oil Stains:

On a fresh oil stain, apply some flour, baby powder or talcum powder. The powder will adsorb the oil if you leave it overnight, and then you can dust off the powder and wash the stained garment.

Chocolate Stains:

Scrape away the hardened chocolate with a spoon then fill a bowl with cold water and soak the garment in (avoid using warm or hot water because this helps setting the stain). Apply a stain remover in the cold water like Oxi Clean, or a soap like Dawn dish soap and leave in for several minutes.

Ballpoint Ink Stains:

Rub alcohol onto the ink stain with a clean cloth till no ink remains. Rinse the garment then apply a laundry detergent and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Wash in hot water.

You can replace alcohol with nail polish remover and apply the same method.

Blood Stains:

Vinegar works wonders with blood-stained clothing. Just apply the vinegar to the stained garment or sheet and blot. When no blood remains, blot again with a damp cloth to remove the smell of vinegar. Laundering is the last step.

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